Home of the original military spouse and military family ribbon awards, Atta Girl!s
honor our home front heroes for their military life achievements.

She earned it.  The world should know it.
From deployments, to PCSing, from care packages
and letters to organizing fundraisers and
homecoming celebrations, we honor our military
families for their heroic duty on the homefront.

Military families keep more than the home fires
burning, they light the way to a world with a brighter

Their sacrifices should not be forgotten.
She deserves an award!
Thank her for her
The bracelet tells your story
Begin with a starter bracelet and an Atta Girl!® or  
connect several awards together, the bracelet tells
your story.....or wear your proudest accomplishment
as a pendant!
Military Spouse Atta Girl!®
Military Daughter
Atta Girl!®
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